Our Values:

ICT-Works has adopted a brand new set of Values. These will guide the manner in which we interact amongst ourselves and with our clients, partners and all other stakeholders. We expect that everyone at ICT-Works will be a positive reflection of these cultures that will ensure a stable, positive and happy working environment for all of us and all those who work with us.

Please take note of the ICT-Works BHAG


This is our strategic Big Hairy Audacious Goal that we strive to achieve.


BHAG: Our continent is Blue and Gold by 2025.



We are bold, optimistic and resilient; we never, ever give up.


  •  An entrepreneurial spirit is the cornerstone of our existence and continues to drive our hunger for success and innovation
  • Consistently challenge ourselves, punching above our weight
  • Take on big and complex challenges, and break them into simpler form
  • Make tough decisions quickly and execute without agonizing
  • Question actions inconsistent with our values immediately.



At the core of our organization is passion for our people & “Ubuntu”; we are about people to redress the past and impact the future.


  • Respect is paramount in interacting with others irrespective of rank, gender, religious or sexual orientation
  • Endless growth and empowerment opportunities are pursued and explored relentlessly
  • Women excellence is encouraged and rigorously celebrated
  • An ethos of upliftment for all, drives our learning and development and skills transfer programmes which are aimed towards the betterment of historically disadvantaged individuals.
  • Strive to always be a practical force for goodwill.



Our main driver is to always add value and make an impact


  • Demonstrate consistently strong performance, enabling our clients and colleagues to rely on us
  • Exhibit bias-to-action and avoid analysis-paralysis
  • Focus on great results rather than on process only
  • Allow sustainability and long-lasting impact to play a big role in our decisions





We are a learning organization of interested people.


  • Continuously drive/advocate effective skills development programmes
  • Well-versed on our specific industry, both on a sector-wide level, also as specialists in what we do
  • Seek to understand strategy, markets, customers and suppliers and are knowledgeable about business, technology, government, our continent and the world
  • Contribute outside of our area of specialty
  • Adapt easily to our changing environments and to the changing needs of our stakeholders








Deliberate and transparent communication is the nerve centre of our organization.


  • Make every effort to be concise and articulate in our communication of anything, both in speech and writing
  • Listen well, to understand better rather than react impulsively
  • Nip rumours/misunderstandings in the bud by seeking facts and clarifying where possible
  • Honest and direct feedback is given freely, immediately, and received openly
  • Share thoughts and ideas; divergent views are welcome
  • Quickly recognize and escalate potential issues and risks


Our passion for ICT-Works and our continent is infectious.


  • Inspire others with our thirst for excellent, problem solving and innovation
  • Develop sustainable solutions for Africa’s challenges and embrace the challenge of operating on the international playing field
  • Zealously protect, enhance and uplift ICT-Works’ reputation
  • Passionate about ICT-Works’ progress and success, and that of our continent
  • Actively celebrate wins and learn from challenges





We are an altruistic organization.


  • Strive for what is best for ICT-Works rather than best for the individual
  • Ego-less when searching for the best ideas and embrace each persons’ input and perspective
  • Share information openly and proactively
  • Care about the environment that we operate in and plough back








Ethics, honesty and integrity is our mantra.


  • Known for candour and directness
  • Diplomatic in our disagreement with others, and make this known immediately
  • Do not encourage or engage in slander
  • Quick and open to admit and remedy our mistakes
  • Openly question any potential transgression of honesty and integrity


We continuously form and nurture partnerships that multiply value.


  • Wow our customers and suppliers to create sustainable partnerships
  • Strive for mutual benefit with our stakeholders (suppliers, customers, subcontractors, financiers, shareholders, regulators etc.)
  • Ethics, integrity and honesty are at the core of our partnerships
  • Promote the development of emerging businesses through partnerships
  • Call out any partnership inconsistencies immediately


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