Having started in 1999, ICT-Works has come a long way to become what it is today, a formidable force in the ICT sector. The company has grown to become a key ICT service provider to a myriad of large clients. The organization aims to grow even further with our BHAG for the future being:

Transforming into Africa's most diverse high-tech driven services company -

for the benefit of customers, employees and the communities we operate in.

In order to support this important strategic intent, the organization has adopted the “Scaling Up” strategic methodology. This methodology means a departure from the 6x6 strategic approach with a new set of tools, measurements and a new approach to bringing all our staff on board with the course that the company aims to take.


There are four levels within the Scaling Up methodology, these are People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Through adeptly focusing on our ICT-Works staff – by empowering and showing them how they contribute to reaching our goals as set out in the Strategy and Execution levers, we aim to build and manage a solid Cash lever. By applying this approach, the result will be growth for ICT-Works and our employees.


An important element of Scaling Up is the OPSP (One Page Strategy Plan). This document sets out – in one page: What the company aims for, Why (business objectives), How (Values) and What (Business Units and products). By using this plan we then further drill down into the various activities required to ensure that the initiatives in the OPSP are fulfilled. The meeting rhythms, which include your daily huddle, weekly meetings and monthly Stop, Start, Continue sessions and Quarterly meetings also add to ensuring that there is continuous collaboration in the organization and that any roadblocks are identified timeously.


Another important part of this methodology is the Quarterly Theme. The aim of the Quarterly Theme is to galvanize the entire staff complement around a central theme for the quarter which will form the basis for the targets that we are driving towards in the given quarter. This also adds a fun element to the very important business of fulfilling our objectives as it serves to remind us that we enjoy what we do!


This quarter’s theme is Bring It Home!!! Click here to watch the Theme Video.



This target is specifically around the business that the organization needs to win. This can come through our Bids process where we submit our


This target is for the value of business that ICT-Works will put into implementation for our client's regardless of what the request is that we are fulfilling.


This target sets out the value to which we, as an organization, live out and exhibit our Values. We have a comprehensive set of strong, purposeful and

information and proposals as a response to tenders, or through our Sales team who is out there every day looking for opportunities for ICT-Works to add value in the market. Please also remember, we are all sales people for ICT-Works in some way or the other, so if you know of an opportunity that we ought to be considering, please inform your manager.

It is absolutely critical for a business such as ours to ensure that we give top-notch delivery to every single contract that we are awarded. This is an important part of building up a solid business reputation.

honourable Values. These mean nothing if we do not live them every day in the way that we work with each other, and with any and all of our partners and clients. Please ensure that you learn our Values, understand them well and apply them in your everyday interactions.

The video link above explains the Bring It Home Theme. Keep checking your Inbox, your Business Unit may soon be called upon to help us bring the next quarter’s message to all the staff of ICT-Works.


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